About Us

About Us
We are a company specialising in the sale of factory matched automotive paint aimed purely for the Motorcycle refinishing market. Being Motorcycle painters ourselves for the past 35 years has enabled us to structure a vast data base of motorcycle colour formulations. Over these years we have developed numerous repair and refinishing techniques now proved to be a totally viable method approved by many insurance companies and associations. Our bike painting knowledge leaves us with the authority to give practical and technical advise to all our customers resulting in complete peace of mind when purchasing our products. Products range from touch kits, aerosols, professional paint and all refinishing related items.

Customers range from DIY enthusiasts to highly skilled painters, even the motorcycle dealer wanting to use or Stock our products.

Our Paint
Specialising in providing paint for the use of restoration and repair on all types of motorcycles allows us to still sell paint in it’s original solvent form.
We believe due to the complexity of many 3 or even 4 stage colours the use of most water base products would not be a viable option. Judging by our experience and the opinions of many end users the solvent method still holds it’s strength as a more cost effective way to repair motorcycle panels. We only sell high quality 2K and Acrylic, polyester basecoat products.

The Colour Lab
The use of our in house lab allows us to be totally independent. We do not rely on the use of car paint manufacturers paint for that “near enough match“. All our paint formulations are structured at our facility using Original factory motorcycle panels as the guide. Most colours are three stage, each layer of paint would be carefully inspected by a highly skilled paint formulator capable of identifying complex colour structures produced by motorcycle manufactures. Once a Colour formulation has been produced we will run a series of spray card tests employing various spray techniques resulting in an identical match when offered up an original Factory panel. In many cases we produce additional colour formulations purely for the use of touch up kits.

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